About Our New Location

The new office is located on the first floor of The Windham Mills Business Center. Please see the Contact page for more information.

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The Windham Mills

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Image: www.downesco.com

Other Information & Resources

Former location at 40 Bolivia Street – some history

The house at 40 Bolivia Street was built in 1920 by Anna Nelson, a Swedish woman who worked at the American Thread Company in Willimantic, and was married to Charlie, who worked as a teamster. From time to time, I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Ana’s Nelson’s descendants, and a couple of years ago, I had a visit from her granddaughter and great grandson. Delores Nelson Pedraza last saw the house 70 years ago, and her son Michael had never been inside the rooms where his mom spent her first seven years. We toured the first floor apartment that recently housed practice spaces for me and three other practitioners, and it was fascinating to hear about what it had been like so long ago. Having moved my practice to the historic building where the Nelsons worked to support their family feels especially satisfying!