About Me

Professional Philosophy

Stephanie J. SmithAs all of us seek wellness (safety, comfort, peace, health), and growth (knowledge, spirituality, compassion), we all draw upon various skills, goals, experiences and beliefs that shape our behavior.  In my work, I respect clients as individuals who are doing what they can to achieve wellness and growth, and who experience successes to greater or lesser degrees in the different phases and circumstances of their lives.

My efforts in counseling focus on what the client wants and how they can identify and apply their own strengths and resources in order to meet their personal goals.

This means that I spend a great deal of our time together exploring what is working for them, and what is going on when the problem is not happening.  I encourage clients to visualize and describe in detail what they would like, so that, with guidance, coaching, or specific directives, as needed, they can begin to see a more positive pattern in their work, their feelings and their relationships.


Stephanie Smith, LPC, earned her master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy at the University of Connecticut. For 14 years, she served as a counselor, advisor, and instructor in the Connecticut State University and Community College systems, working with non-traditional students of all ages.

Ms. Smith is a Licensed Professional Counselor, in private practice since 2002. Her post-graduate training includes Gestalt Body-Centered therapies, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. In 2012 she completed a 40-hour certificate program in Family Mediation.

She is a clinical member of the American Counseling Association, Connecticut Counseling Association, and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

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